A new toy for 2006

After a particularly fraught journey a couple of weeks or so ago, Mike started to think about getting a GPS device for the van.

A fair bit of investigation later we decided to make 2005’s Christmas gift to ourselves a TomTom GO 500 each, don’t get too excited, they don’t cost as much as the site suggests!

We managed to find a decent deal on them which included a second car mount, pretty important for anyone with more than one vehicle as it would be a pain to keep moving the whole thing around. I guess it took less than 10 minutes to get the things up and running, that’s not to say I understood all the options but at least it was enough to set the basics. I tried it out on a route I know quite well now – Hook to Southampton – OK so that’s not a challenge for anyone but I thought it would let me try things out without having to worry about whether I would actually end up where I intended. I was very impressed, plenty of clear instructions without any of the bossiness that Jeremy Clarkson seems to experience. Later in the evening I decided a bigger test was needed so I set the destination to a little pub way out in the middle of the IOW. Again not usually difficult BUT, last night it was foggy and I haven’t really driven much in the dark there. Anyhow, with the minimum of fuss we got from Cowes to Calbourne and in fact into the pub car park!

I’m really not sure how I managed without one of these for so long……

I also found this site on my travels around the web yesterday. There are all kinds of neat little TomTom goodies here – perhaps the favourite will be the Speed Camera database 😉