It’s taken me a long time and a lot of install/uninstalls to find a decent RSS newsreader.

I think I have now settled on one, it’s called Snarfer, it’s free, fast, doesn’t appear to crash and, in addition to all the normal RSS things, it’s got one particularly neat feature – the ability to make custom feeds of things like Google or eBay.

Probably best to explain this with an example; let’s suppose I would like to keep an eye on eBay for any sales of Ping, beryllium copper, golf clubs. Well, it’s simply a matter of “File/New/Ebay Search” and entering details for the eBay country I want and the phrase “ping becu”. Snarfer then creates an RSS item and collects data to populate it from the website. It’ll then update that feed as per my settings, pretty nifty eh?

I use a similar option to RSSify(!) Google for new sites/articles which include my surname and therefore provide me with info about anyone who maybe studying my family name. Simple and very effective.

Snarfer is one of those applications that just does it’s job quietly and very well. 9/10.