EMI and Apple join forces

It seems that EMI now understand what music downloaders really want.
I have just been listening to a webcast by Eric Nicoli, CEO EMI Group and Steve Jobs CEO Apple. The main announcement involved DRM or Digital Rights Management and the promise to offer a new option for music downloads.
DRM has been the bane of many user’s lives. They have been able to legally pay for and download tracks and albums from many sources, unfortunately, until today, they have been restricted by DRM as to which devices they can play this music on.
The announcement today gives users the choice:

  • Download low price tracks, with lower quality and DRM or
  • Download premium price tracks, with higher quality and NO DRM

Interestingly there is another twist; only individual tracks attract the premium pricing model, downloaded complete albums will be sold at the same price as before but will be higher quality and without DRM.
So there you have it, a day to be remembered, 2 April 2007, the day the music industry finally opened its eyes to the real world. EMI Press Release