Yet again, Christmas is almost upon us.

Since we decided to stop sending so many cards and instead to support the RNLI lifeboat crews with the money, it’s this time of year that I’m reminded about the fantastic work they do. In order to raise extra funds the RNLI have arranged an SOS day on 25th January 2008 so if you can spare some time or a few quid, please look out for events near you on that day and make a special effort to get along to one.

Even if you can’t attend an event, feel free to donate to the cause here.

For those who don’t know, Sue and I stopped sending Christmas cards a few years ago. We felt that there were better ways to spend the money and have made an annual donation to the RNLI ever since. Feel free to join the cause! we won’t be offended if we don’t get a card from you!