Tax Soft Drinks?

A quick search for the prices charged for soft drinks came up with the following at

Coca-Cola – between £ 7.98 & £ 24.11
Coca-Cola (Diet) – between £ 8.73 & £ 24.11

These prices are for 24x330ml cans but they show such a wide variation that it is obvious the market isn’t price sensitive.

Consumption estimates vary but it’s fairly safe to assume 2-3 million cans are sold in the UK each day and that’s just Coca-Cola!

Assuming CC have about 20% of the UK carbonated drink market we are actually looking at a total market of 10-15 million cans per day!

Add  a tax of 10p per can and suddenly we have £1-1.5 million pounds per day!

Every little helps!…… Anyone like to have a think about chewing gum?