Use an LCD TV as a monitor..

I’ve just spent hours trying to attach a 42″ LG LCD TV to a computer and getting it to work as it should. Finally it works!

The big problem was getting it to display with its full resolution; as it’s a full HD device the vertical should have been 1080 and the supplied datasheet showed it would support that with both VGA and HDMI inputs. The PC graphic card also came up with a resolution of 1920×1080 so that should have been OK although other problems with that ATI card and its software meant I eventually swapped to an nVidia one.

Try as I might, there was no way the PC and the TV would recognize each other properly, either the display would over-scan making the desktop too large for the display or under-scan meaning that fonts were broken up and the resolution was not the native HD display I knew could be achieved. The screen colour was also all wrong with a really washed out look.

This was the same with both VGA or DVI/HDMI connections although in the end I settled for the DVI/HDMI route as I knew this was the most likely to work.

After much head scratching and a lot of Googling I found the answer: It’s all down to labeling the TV input correctly!

The procedure differs slightly between TVs (well it does on LG ones anyway) but basically this is it:

  1. Click Menu on the TV remote
  2. Choose Inputs
  3. Select the TV input you want to use for the PC – in my case HDMI 1
  4. Press the Blue button to get Channel Label Edit
  5. Select “PC” from the options

As I mentioned, you may have a slightly different menu structure and the labeling may be under Options

Anyhow, that’s it solved:

  • No over/under-scan
  • No broken fonts
  • FULL HD Windows Desktop on the TV

Now it’s on to the next part of the project; connecting a webcam, which is mounted on a tracking telescope, to the the PC to enable a live view of the stars etc to the 42″ monitor – should be good!