It feels good to fix stuff…

Humax Box

A couple of years ago I bought a Humax Foxsat HD box for my father-in-law. Not a luxury, as he lives in Ventnor here on the Island and satellite is pretty much the only way to get additional channels there.

It’s worked brilliantly until recently when he reported a problem – the display just showed a continuing animated display of dashes (forming a rectangle). The box couldn’t be shutdown or controlled by the handset so it looked rather terminal. Not so! a quick Google revealed this is a pretty common problem and an article pointed me to capacitor C12 on the PSU board.

The picture below gives you some idea of a good capacitor (left) and a bad one  (right).

I broke the warranty tape and opened the box to find said C12 bulging badly and obviously failed.

I found replacements on Ebay, they arrived today (a whole £2.98 inc postage for 4 of them) – 2 or 3 minutes to remove the old capacitor and solder in the new (mind the polarity!), close the box and switch on – and yes, with the help of the internet and AV Forums it all works fine again now. 😉