New SatNav

A week or so ago my trusty TomTom Go 500  finally gave up the ghost after almost 6 years of reliable service (see “A New Toy for 2006). As the picture shows, it was a “sturdy” device and much deeper and heavier than the latest ones:

Mine had got rather bashed about over the years and was gaffer taped to the windscreen mount but the final straw came when it refused to find any address in Southampton! It just said “No navigable route available”. The time had come for a replacement and I decided to stick with TomTom as a manufacturer.

Google to the rescue; I found a great offer on a shiny new TomTom Via Live 120 European version which had all the new bells and whistles and was a lot smaller and lighter than the original – it was also a lot cheaper at £152, the original costing over £250 if I remember correctly. In addition the Pixmania website (which offered the best price I could find) also had a “flash” on the product picture stating “£30 Cashback”, so a total price of £122!

I ordered and paid for the Via and it arrived a couple of days later, then the truth set in! There was no sign of any cashback claim paperwork? I called Pixmania who immediately denied all knowledge of the promotion even though the picture with it was still showing proudly on their site. After a week of waiting for them to decide what to do, I contacted them again today and they responded with “there is no offer on our site and unless you can provide a screenshot the matter is closed” (or something similar).

Fortunately I had taken a shot at the time of purchase, although the item is still shown with the “flash” today, so I sent them a copy a few minutes ago and await their response…

Pleased to report that it works very well though so at least TomTom have lived up to expectations – it even knows where Southampton is 😉