BBC Homepage…..

I’ve been using the BBC page for a good few years now and visit it at least once each day. This morning when I visited I see they have implemented their threat of a new design.

OK, so it’s the first day of general release for the new page but I am really surprised that they have removed the options for me to customize the page to show only the things I am interested in. All I can do now is set my postcode so I see the latest weather and news for my area.

Instead of being presented with a set of options in a relatively small screen space, I now find I have to wade though half a screen filled with irrelevant (to me) pictures, football news, and the latest Strictly rubbish etc etc.

I hope they improve things…. Meantime, I’ll give the new look a 1 out of 10!

Well it’s been a few days now and my opinion of the new BBC pages hasn’t changed. Please go back to the previous version…. This new one grates more each time I visit, oh, and please make links from the iPlayer or Listen Live open in a new tab as it’s far too easy to overwrite the page with a new link.