BT Contracts

For the past year I have had a contract with BT.

That covered unlimited broadband, phone calls and a BTVision package with Sky Sports 1&2. Until a week or so ago I have been very happy with it as it meant predictable monthly cost and a half decent service. Unfortunately, as is the way with these things, when things go wrong they go spectacularly wrong!

I recently realised that I hadn’t seen a monthly bill from BT for a while – I went on line and checked only to find that my monthly costs had increased by some 50% which meant they had reached a level completely unacceptable to me.

On calling BT I find that my contract had expired and that I had been put on to their normal rates. Now, the only reason I stayed with BT last year was the offer they made to keep me – a great price and a decent service.

Trying to reinstate my old contract conditions is proving difficult to say the least, the only way BT can provide a comparable price to last year is to remove the Sports package (the only reason I stayed with them before) so I am now faced with finding a new provider or with the forlorn hope of discovering the one person in BT who either cares or can do something to get me back where I was 7 days ago.

Strange that when you don’t want an auto-renewing contract, you always get one and when you do you can’t!

Update: It seems that nobody at BT can get me back to where I was so I’ve just canceled BTVision. The reduction in monthly payments mean they now get 50% less that they did when I had what I wanted.