CNC and Rapid Prototyping

The racking I use at work has one small deficiency; there is no easy way to attach any kind of label to it!
As the racks are open to the public, the labels must meet a few basic requirements:

  • they must not obstruct the person stacking the rack
  • they can’t have any sharp edges
  • it should be difficult/impossible for them to get dislodged

Not so easy to create anything to solve the problem in my garage using odd bits and pieces and even worse when I need the solution for 20-30 racks.

 I’ve been following the development of basic 3D printers for a while now, and have been fascinated with the whole idea of having a machine at home which can “print” all kinds of solid objects for a very reasonable price. One of the terms used when describing these machines is “rapid prototyping” so, it seemed pretty natural for me to use that when searching for help with the labeling problem. Adding “wight” to the end of  it gave a few results in Google but nothing really stood out until I looked a lot more closely.

I found mention of a small company called GoCNC in Ventnor, and decided to give them a call and pay a visit.

I explained the problem to them and left them with a rough sketch of what I thought was needed, a rack and some of the contents (just to make sure they got the right measurements).

It was good to get involved with a small engineering company and I hope to report back soon on their solution and the final product.