Been a long time…

First post here for a long time, not really sure why but here’s an update:


Been a strange year. Bottom line is that things have changed in the last couple of months – we’ve had to lay off the staff we had working on the ferries as the contract for delivery of tourist guides has been awarded to another company for 2012/2013.

This was a real disappointment as I had just managed to get a good team together and everything was going really well. It really isn’t pleasant making people redundant, particularly when they have become friends. I just hope that the job market improves and those we had to let go find an alternative.


Sue has taken an additional job and now splits her week between the OU and a post at Southampton Solent University. It means she has very long days Mon-Wed and of course that’s made worse by the winter darkness.

Matt is enjoying work and has been promoted in the last few weeks. He’s been lucky enough to be travelling too. Both were business trips, one to the Philippines and the other to India. It’s great to see him getting something back for his efforts.

What Next?

Well, later this month we’ll be taking a few days off and visiting Bath. Old lags will know that Bath is a City I know quite well, having spent 5/6 years there at school. Of course things have changed and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s become of the old place.

My New Year’s resolution is to “go Mac” so I’ll be buying one pretty soon. I’ve always preferred them it’s just that everyone else seems to think PC is best! They are wrong and I’m fed up with the maintenance time needed to operate with Windows. The only fly in my ointment is FrameMaker which has never really been taken seriously on Mac, or anywhere else for that matter. I’m hoping Parallels or something similar will cope.