I got a bike…

Turns out the Scott was not for me after all, the suggested bike was a bit of a cross between hybrid and mountain and a fair bit heavier than I wanted.

In the end I chose a machine I saw quite early in my musings –  a Giant Roam 1 and I ended up buying it from Cycle World in Southampton. They were very helpful on my first visit and very keen to help on my second, particularly concerning getting a bike frame that fitted my size and weight.
Giant Roam 1

Anyhow, the Giant had its first outing today and I’m pleased to report that both bike and rider arrived back in “set off condition”!

I don’t have any way of measuring distance at the moment, apart from a quick measure on Google Earth, and that revealed a first trip of 9 miles, or thereabouts. Not bad for a first ride in about 10 yrs, and i never stood up once!

I probably don’t look that good/fit in shorts and a hi-viz jacket, but who cares about that, I can’t see myself!

I thoroughly enjoyed the first ride and am looking forward to a lot more miles…. Oh, and I just ordered a cycle helmet to complete the mamil look.