Windows 10 – pt.1

I was sitting quite happy with Windows 7. In fact I only used it at all for FrameMaker and Family Tree Maker.

For a while I had a preview version of Windows 10 on my Mac Mini, as a virtual machine, and therefore had access to the release version early. The update on the VM went very easily and somehow got started on my main PC!

I have no idea how it happened, I just clicked to say I’d like the option to have it and had every intention of waiting ’til everyone else had tried it and reported back. For whatever reason, my machine decided to download and instal it without allowing me to to stop/interrupt it. Anyhow, everything went well and my old W7 installation seems to have transferred everything across and intact to W10.

That’s not to say I like what I now have though. It all works pretty well but, what is it with this flat look? and where is the Start Button we were promised?

I liked having dividing lines between various sections of open windows, but now they’ve all gone. The old control panel was pretty much perfect as it allowed me access to all those fiddly bits from one place. The original W7 Start Button was OK but I had installed Classic Shell to get that old Start Button/Menu back – the promised W10 Start Button is dreadful, it looks like W8 and takes up far too much space. I installed the latest version of Classic Shell and have things back (pretty much) to how they were.

At least all my applications run as they did and there does seem to be a bit of a speed improvement.

It’s not OSX and I doubt it ever will be but until something approaching FrameMaker appears on the Mac, I guess I’ll always need a PC with Windows ;(