Sue and I recently visited Iceland for a short break. Here are some of the photos I took – pictures are in a gallery so, click on the picture then click the RHS to advance, and the LHS to go back.

All the city pictures are Reykjavik and the others show the country when we ventured a bit further afield – I haven’t yet sorted them further but I think they give a taste of the place.

Oh.. and BTW is doesn’t work properly with Internet Explorer 9 but then you are using something better than that aren’t you?

You are welcome to use any of the pictures shown here but please include the following credit if you publish them:

“Photo(s) courtesy of Brian Curd –”

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It feels good to fix stuff…

Humax Box

A couple of years ago I bought a Humax Foxsat HD box for my father-in-law. Not a luxury, as he lives in Ventnor here on the Island and satellite is pretty much the only way to get additional channels there.

It’s worked brilliantly until recently when he reported a problem – the display just showed a continuing animated display of dashes (forming a rectangle). The box couldn’t be shutdown or controlled by the handset so it looked rather terminal. Not so! a quick Google revealed this is a pretty common problem and an article pointed me to capacitor C12 on the PSU board.

The picture below gives you some idea of a good capacitor (left) and a bad one  (right).

I broke the warranty tape and opened the box to find said C12 bulging badly and obviously failed.

I found replacements on Ebay, they arrived today (a whole £2.98 inc postage for 4 of them) – 2 or 3 minutes to remove the old capacitor and solder in the new (mind the polarity!), close the box and switch on – and yes, with the help of the internet and AV Forums it all works fine again now. 😉