Apple iPad -Will it work where you live?

Well the hype is over and the web is alive with reviews, “hands-ons”  and more about Apple’s latest release, the iPad.

Yes, I like Apple products and yes, I did follow the bloggers covering today’s event; but I have a small problem before parting with my hard earned cash. Why? well take a look at the US Apple site (today anyway)… looks good eh?

Well yes it does until you look at the “Environmental Requirements” down at the bottom right….

The first line makes sense but, what the heck does he second mean?  Current temperature here on the IOW is about 2°C, according to the spec published, the iPad wouldn’t be working here….

Yes, of course I know what they mean, but surely they employ people with enough intelligence to avoid this kind of confusion?

Wrong Dad?

It was nice to get a Fathers’ Day card from Matt:fathersday

As this doesn’t apply to me, he must have sent it to the wrong Dad 😉