Is it just me?

I seem to be having a bit of a political week.
I noticed a link popping up in the Google Ad panel, over there on the right, headed Rights and Responsibilities so I took a look .
There seem to be a lot of rights and not that many responsibilities!!
Oh! and did I mention that this was a Google Ad – that means someone paid for it to be displayed on my blog – well I guess that was me….. again….

Freedom of Information?

Just spotted this quote on the BBC site:

“Public money is limited and it is the government’s responsibility to ensure it is not unduly diverted from supporting the delivery of frontline services”
Baroness Ashton
Information Rights Minister.

This is to do with suggested changes to the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act which is our only way to real find out what these people are doing in our name. Ministers want to limit the amount of resources spent on FOI requests to £600 – including officials’ time.
So, now:

  • When we want to know something the limit is £600,
  • When they want to tell us something, the limit is 10,000.

Whatever next?

In the wrong business…

Today the BBC is reporting that MPs will be eligible for £10,000 each which they can spend to develop websites to boost “public understanding” of parliament – Full report.

Well listen up guys; we already do understand it and we’re not that impressed!

Search UK Google for “How parliament works” and you get about 16,200 hits. First on the list is UK Parliament – How Parliament Works and surprise, surprise it explains how the system works!

The second Google hit is an Amazon advert for a book on the subject and the third is an advert for a training course to learn all about it for £485!

A fair way down the first page, bottom in fact, is a link to one Liberal Democrat’s website – Roger Williams and there he explains things, with the aid of pictures, rather better than the first hit.

I suggest taxpayers insist all that is required is one central “portal”, well advertised and connecting to a page for each MP to blow his/her own trumpet. After all there are only 646 of them and I am sure that one 650ish page site would be a lot cheaper than a potential bill for almost £6.5 Million!

Tell you what, I’ll host it for £100,000 pounds per year!

Email me at for details 😉