Feeling small?

The pictures which follow were shown at a recent meeting of the Vectis Astronomical Society and show the relative scale of the planets, the sun and a few stars.
I really like them as it’s not easy to get any impression of scale by looking either upwards or at the more usual diagrams.

All the pictures are links to the larger versions.


Yesterday’s SAGAS Summer Meeting at the Vectis Observatory went very well and I think everyone had a good day.
For me the highlight was John Mason’s talk on Mars Exploration. As well as being a really good presenter he showed some of the stunning pictures captured by the HiRISE camera onboard NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) – it’s worth taking a look at these images for yourself, the website shows low res versions but the real things are available for further investigation here. Beware though as these files are HUGE – some I saw were 29262 x 64147 pixels and 1273.3 MB! Obviously you’ll need broadband, a good link, little or no download restriction, plenty of disk space and a fair bit of spare time!