Royal Winchester Golf Club

Royal Winchester Golf Club - The 9th hole
The 9th hole

Had a great day today at The Royal Winchester Golf Club, nice weather, good company (thanks Pete, Doug and Paul) and reasonable golf. The course was in excellent condition, particularly the greens and bunkers and we had an unobstructed round.

At first, we were a little confused by the directional mowing of the fairways which made them look half as wide as they really were but after a couple of holes we got used to it.

Luckily for us, the round was part of a reciprocal arrangement included in our membership of Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club which meant it was free of charge.

We only managed to chat to a few members but were made to feel very welcome. I very much look forward to visiting again – the only problem with that is we have another 10 or so reciprocal clubs to visit!

Newport (IW) Golf Club

Had a round at Newport Golf Club this week.

Along with the other PIGS (Pointer Inn Golf Society) and guys from the Traveller’s Joy and Salvatore’s, we took a chance with the weather and had a knock about competition between the three pubs.

As it turned out we didn’t get too wet and thoroughly enjoyed the day. After a warm welcome in the clubhouse we ventured out on to a damp but well tended course. As Newport was one of the two Island courses I hadn’t played, I didn’t really know what to expect. I needn’t have been worried though as, despite being on winter greens for just about all of the holes, the course was in great condition and a credit to all involved.

To make things even better I shot a round of 39 points!

Been a long time…

First post here for a long time, not really sure why but here’s an update:


Been a strange year. Bottom line is that things have changed in the last couple of months – we’ve had to lay off the staff we had working on the ferries as the contract for delivery of tourist guides has been awarded to another company for 2012/2013.

This was a real disappointment as I had just managed to get a good team together and everything was going really well. It really isn’t pleasant making people redundant, particularly when they have become friends. I just hope that the job market improves and those we had to let go find an alternative.


Sue has taken an additional job and now splits her week between the OU and a post at Southampton Solent University. It means she has very long days Mon-Wed and of course that’s made worse by the winter darkness.

Matt is enjoying work and has been promoted in the last few weeks. He’s been lucky enough to be travelling too. Both were business trips, one to the Philippines and the other to India. It’s great to see him getting something back for his efforts.

What Next?

Well, later this month we’ll be taking a few days off and visiting Bath. Old lags will know that Bath is a City I know quite well, having spent 5/6 years there at school. Of course things have changed and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s become of the old place.

My New Year’s resolution is to “go Mac” so I’ll be buying one pretty soon. I’ve always preferred them it’s just that everyone else seems to think PC is best! They are wrong and I’m fed up with the maintenance time needed to operate with Windows. The only fly in my ointment is FrameMaker which has never really been taken seriously on Mac, or anywhere else for that matter. I’m hoping Parallels or something similar will cope.


Meon Valley Golf

Just had a couple of days at Meon Valley Marriott Hotel for a golf weekend. Everything with the hotel was pretty good, a bit slow at getting the food out after we’d ordered – perhaps to be expected after a round of golf took the best part of 6 hours! but, apart from a few complaints like “that was nice but could I please have some more” and ” why don’t they just do pasta, curry, chilli or fish and chips”, I think most of us enjoyed the food.

Sunday golf though took the edge off the weekend as the we didn’t see a course marshal all day and  there was nobody at the course half-way-point to complain to about slow play. Most of our group lost the will to live after the first 9 holes and nobody scored really well.

The course wasn’t in great condition compared to last year but I’d like to think that was down to the extra-ordinarily wet weather we’ve seen in the last few months. Even raised greens were saturated despite the greenside bunkers being bone dry (?) The rest of the course looked a bit “tired” and  unloved which is a shame because we all know what it can be like from out visit last year.

Anyhow, as is the way with golf weekends, plenty of beer was drunk and a pretty good time was had by all.