Golf Course

It’s been quite a while since I reported on my golf….

For the last few weeks I have been playing pretty well and last week I managed to win the club Stableford.

At last.. Since leaving North Wilts for the Island my golf has been nothing but a downhill battle, just recently though, I have been striking the ball well and this has shown up in some decent scores. In fact I was getting a bit embarrassed, taking at least some of the money each week from our pound, pound, pound competition (for non-golfers: that means everybody pays a pound into a kitty for the best score on the front 9 holes, the back 9 and overall). Well, I won with a score of 44 points (22 on each half) which meant I took the lot from our group and the first prize for the club comp. to say I was pleased is something of an understatement!

Let’s just hope it continues – the club cut me by two shots, which means I am now playing off 18, not great but at least I’m heading in the right direction..

1950s Golf at Shanklin and Sandown GC

I have to thank James for the video here.

The quality isn’t great but it’s certainly worth a watch to see if you can recognise any of the holes after 60 odd years.

You can use the controls at the bottom to go full-screen which may help make things a bit clearer (although I think it looks better as it is here). Oh and the sound is now working – unfortunately it’s just a “lift music” type track as I suspect those old cine cameras didn’t have sound recording.

Get Flash to see this player.

It’s a funny old game…

Earlier this week I got back from our annual French golf tour. We played four courses in the Caen area:

  • Golf de Omaha Beach Le Mer
  • Golf de Omaha Beach Le Manoir
  • Golf de Cabourg Le Home
  • Golf de Caen Le Vallone

Rating them, in order of personal preference:

  1. Golf de Omaha Beach Le Manoir
  2. Golf de Omaha Beach Le Mer
  3. Golf de Cabourg Le Home
  4. Golf de Caen Le Vallone

For a change, I managed to play them all reasonably well and Le Manoir well beyond my expectations (38 points). Overall, I shared the top place for the challenge with Paul Hawkins and it seems like my game is beginning to show signs of improvement

As usual we had a great trip, in no small part due to Pete Rush’s meticulous organization, thanks Pete!

We’d better start saving for next time


Saturday saw my best round at Shanklin and Sandown GC since I moved to the Island.

Even though it was a competition game (monthly Stableford – Whites) I managed to score 42 points (21 front and 21 back). It’s been coming for a month or so but at last I managed a “blob free” 18 holes!

The result: Well I won the Stableford competition which means I have now been cut by 2.2 down to a more sensible 20, even that is poor though as, once upon a time, I was playing reasonably with a handicap of 15 at North Wilts.

I may start posting more golf news if I can keep the improvement going..