The big freeze…

All safe and well but pretty much stuck indoors here on the Island where we have another coating of snow.

Despite global warming or perhaps because of it (!), for the third time in 12 months we can’t easily get out of the house. I’m pretty sure the main roads are all passable but as we have a fair slope at each end of our road, getting back in is a problem for us.

No golf yesterday so the rest of the club members escaped the sight of our group playing our 3 club competition wearing stupid hats. No doubt a blessing for some!

It’s snowing again right now but only very small flakes. Here’s hoping that it all stops before too long and that the Sunday Pub Quiz is accessible this evening…..

2010 St Malo Golf Tour

Dinard Golf Course

Well there it is, finished! After about 9 months anticipation, this year’s golf tour is over.

It all started last Thursday when eight of us left the Island for Portsmouth and then caught the overnight Brittany Ferry to St Malo. Arriving at about 9.30 we headed straight of to the first of our 4 golf courses:

  • Friday 27/8/2010. Val Andre 10.54/11.03 am.
  • Saturday 28/8/2010. St Malo 10.58/11.06 am.
  • Sunday 29/98/2010 Des Ormes 10.40/10.48 am.
  • Monday 30/8/2010 Dinard 11.00/11.10

Unfortunately some of the links are to hotel and holiday booking sites as a few clubs don’t seem to have their own websites but I’m sure you’ll get the picture.

All four courses were excellent in their own ways; my favourite, although I didn’t play it well, was Dinard with Val Andre and Des Ormes second and St Malo third but only because the greens were hollow tined there.

Congratulations to Hawky for winning the weekend’s competition and to the Prof for being the golfer “most likely to improve” ;). The less said about my performance the better I think……..

A good time was had by all, now I just need a week off to get over the beer and the overeating….

Many thanks to Pete for organizing it all to the Prof and Dougie for taking their cars over and Pete and Dave for helping out with the driving.

News Update…

I haven’t added to the site for a while so I thought I’d better do an update…

The garden house is now completed, I just need to connect the electricity up. That of course means finishing the rewire in the garage and pulling a shiny new armoured cable the length of the garden. Fortunately there is a duct left by the previous occupant, this is a bit small but I’m hoping to use the old 2.5mm cable to pull through the armoured replacement. I may even put a network cable in there too, just in case we ever decide to connect the building to the outside world fully.

My earlier post regarding the Toyota was perhaps a little premature as it has developed a horrible grumbling noise from the front nearside when under load. Today’s diagnosis is a failed/failing CV joint so that needs replacing soon… in fact it’s booked for Thursday.

Ping Club

Along the same lines; I had a rather eventful game of golf on Saturday and not at all for the right reasons! I use a rather old set of Ping Eye2, Beryllium Copper (BeCu) irons, these have served me very well for 4 or 5 years since I bought them and had new, extended shafts and grips fitted. It seems those new parts are wearing out, all at the same time! On Saturday the shaft of both my 4 iron and then the 5 broke off at the hozzle leaving me to play almost half the round with nothing more than a 6 iron (I don’t carry any woods). Surprisingly, while I didn’t score very well, the lack of clubs had very little impact. The worst part is that I really won’t be happy using the clubs until they are reshafted and gripped; it’s far to dangerous to carry on with them as they are. Unfortunately BeCu irons can’t be worked on by just anyone as Beryllium is now considered to be a dangerous material if it is filed etc. The dust produced is apparently harmful to human health. Oh well, off they go to Ping for a service…

Thanks to an understanding pro at the club, I’ll be able to borrow a set until mine are repaired, thanks Peter!

Easy Game…

Last Saturday on the 1st tee, we were queuing for a slot to take part in a golf competition at Shanklin and Sandown GC. Full of beans and ready for the off we were told of a rather special round that had just finished.

Mark Bell, playing off a handicap of +1 (yes PLUS 1!) had managed to shoot a 60 meaning he carded a new course record. Mark already had 8 birdies after 17 holes and, just to rub it in, finished with an eagle at the 18th to beat his previous record of 62 set earlier this season.

Well done Mark!