Just Another Weekend

Bestival! – it’s that time of year again and, for the third time, Vectis Astronomical Society were asked to provide telescopes at the Bestival.

Thursday and Friday were very cloudy but, nonetheless, we attracted quite a few interested persons to take a look at our ‘scopes even though the were only directed at cranes and ferris wheels. Saturday was almost perfecto clear though and we had almost flawless vies of the moon.

The 12′ dob attracted visitors and, along with the 10’ Orion allowed visitors good views. There were loads of “oh my god” moments and the smiles on observers faces made it all worth the dust and general hubbub.

I like to think we added something to the Bestival experience for the c 800 people who came to see us over he weekend and hope they all enjoyed their stay on the Island.

Light pollution is always a problem a big events like this and despite the efforts of the organisers, the energy efficient bulbs and the use of fewer large floodlights on the site didn’t really help the overall impact in the Island’s skies. The site is huge and really needs some followup work from us to reduce the effect next time.


spotify-logo-96x96-no-taglineIt seems I missed all the fuss about the free music site  Spotify – in an effort to cath up, I visited the site and downloaded the software earlier today and have been enjoying all sorts of stuff this afternoon.
cutlerA quick search for an old favourite, Ivor Cutler displayed 198 tracks (yes, I know he’s an aquired taste, but well worth a listen, I guarantee you’ll chuckle at least once). Double click the first track shown to get things going and the system does the rest, playing all the others in sequence. It couldn’t be easier!

I even saw that there’s some “White Noise” in there…

DidgHeadRadio Music Festival

Taken from the website:

A quick guide to the DHRFestival

What is it?….. A festival for those who like to play and listen to the didgeridoo.
Where is it?….. The Water Mill, Calbourne, Isle of Wight
When is it?….. 7th to 9th August 2009
How much does it cost?…. £45 adult week-end camping ticket … £15 day ticket
What do you get for the money?….. All day and evening entertainment, nice surroundings, lots of nice things for the kids to do. This is a very ‘family friendly’ event!
What if I get hungry?….. There is a cafe on site.
What do I do if I want to perform at the festival or run a stall?….. Send us an eMail.
What if I want to know the meaning of life, who I am and what I’m doing here?…. There will be a stall on the campsite to help with all your additional information needs.

Sounds like a good laugh to me…

Great night

I had been looking forward to the “Classic Legends of Rock” gig at Ventnor’s Winter Garden since my earlier post – last night, I wasn’t disappointed. For anyone who couldn’t make it, you missed a great night!

The first on stage were the Groundhogs who, I have to admit, are an aquired taste but they paved the way into Wishbone Ash’s set really well playing a large chunk of their early 70s album “Split”. Sound quality wasn’t great but it did the job for me….

Next on were Wishbone Ash. They played a blinder… they really seemed to enjoy themselves and played plenty of tracks from the older stuff I love so much. The newcomers to the band blended in to the point that I didn’t really notice that they weren’t part of the original lineup.

Finally we were treated to Focus who played a few of their early numbers and some of their newer stuff. Personally I would have preferred them to have the second slot and for Wishbone Ash to have closed the gig as I think things perhaps peaked a little early… nonetheless Thijs van Leer (the only remaining member of the original lineup) and the replacement for Jan Akkerman (lead guitar) treated us to accurate and rocking renditions of Focus’s “greatest hits”.

Thanks for the tickets Tyler!