Off to Cardiff

Millenium Stadium

Garan called me yesterday and asked what I was doing on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Not much, I replied, a game of golf on Saturday but otherwise free if you are coming to the Island.

No, came the reply, I thought you might be interested in a ticket to Wales v England!

Who wouldn’t be?

Quick check with my boss to arrange Friday off and it was sorted…

Let’s hope it’s a good game and the best team win… Oh, I guess there may be some beer too 😉

Shades of grey

I’d like to offer my congratulations to the person who chose the team colours for the World Cup, Scotland and NZ match this afternoon. If he sends me his address, I’ll send him a new white stick!

OK, so it wasn’t a great game anyway but it was completely spoiled by both teams playing in almost the same colours.