News Update…

I haven’t added to the site for a while so I thought I’d better do an update…

The garden house is now completed, I just need to connect the electricity up. That of course means finishing the rewire in the garage and pulling a shiny new armoured cable the length of the garden. Fortunately there is a duct left by the previous occupant, this is a bit small but I’m hoping to use the old 2.5mm cable to pull through the armoured replacement. I may even put a network cable in there too, just in case we ever decide to connect the building to the outside world fully.

My earlier post regarding the Toyota was perhaps a little premature as it has developed a horrible grumbling noise from the front nearside when under load. Today’s diagnosis is a failed/failing CV joint so that needs replacing soon… in fact it’s booked for Thursday.

Ping Club

Along the same lines; I had a rather eventful game of golf on Saturday and not at all for the right reasons! I use a rather old set of Ping Eye2, Beryllium Copper (BeCu) irons, these have served me very well for 4 or 5 years since I bought them and had new, extended shafts and grips fitted. It seems those new parts are wearing out, all at the same time! On Saturday the shaft of both my 4 iron and then the 5 broke off at the hozzle leaving me to play almost half the round with nothing more than a 6 iron (I don’t carry any woods). Surprisingly, while I didn’t score very well, the lack of clubs had very little impact. The worst part is that I really won’t be happy using the clubs until they are reshafted and gripped; it’s far to dangerous to carry on with them as they are. Unfortunately BeCu irons can’t be worked on by just anyone as Beryllium is now considered to be a dangerous material if it is filed etc. The dust produced is apparently harmful to human health. Oh well, off they go to Ping for a service…

Thanks to an understanding pro at the club, I’ll be able to borrow a set until mine are repaired, thanks Peter!

Garden House

The next phase of the garden work is well underway:


In fact the roofing felt is going on at the moment and the windows/doors are being fitted. Should all be done by the end of the week including carcass wiring etc.

Looking good though…..