BBC Homepage

I posted an article about the lack of customisation on the website back in 2011.

Since then, there have been lots of changes, mainly involving adding images where text was just fine, but I’ll live with that.

Less acceptable is that the Beeb think they know what I’d like to see on my personally customised Homepage!

This morning I visited, and was presented with a line of images and links to articles about Wimbledon week/fortnight/month or whatever it is. The clever ones controlling my Homepage can’t see that I have never clicked on a tennis link in my life. I certainly don’t have it listed as part of my carefully crafted Homepage. How do they come up with the choices?

They just add things they think I might like but I suspect they do this to everyone. It certainly isn’t based on any intelligent tracking of my online habits.

For the last month or so, every time I visit the website, I’m told that soon I’ll have to log in. I do that now automatically but, there seems to be nothing on the site that detects that.

What is the point in my logging in if somebody else controls my Homepage settings?

While I’m at it, what’s all that stuff at the bottom of the page titled “Pitch Battle”? I didn’t ask for that either………

I submitted my third complaint about this earlier today……

Some days are weird!

Weird indeed, I spent yesterday, Monday, towing a cow around the Island.weird cargo

Possibly the oddest bit was delivering it to a body shop for a “good lacquering”.

Today seemed altogether normal after that…..

Royal Winchester Golf Club

Royal Winchester Golf Club - The 9th hole
The 9th hole

Had a great day today at The Royal Winchester Golf Club, nice weather, good company (thanks Pete, Doug and Paul) and reasonable golf. The course was in excellent condition, particularly the greens and bunkers and we had an unobstructed round.

At first, we were a little confused by the directional mowing of the fairways which made them look half as wide as they really were but after a couple of holes we got used to it.

Luckily for us, the round was part of a reciprocal arrangement included in our membership of Shanklin & Sandown Golf Club which meant it was free of charge.

We only managed to chat to a few members but were made to feel very welcome. I very much look forward to visiting again – the only problem with that is we have another 10 or so reciprocal clubs to visit!