Just Another Weekend II

Bestival again! – Somehow or other I was badgered into visiting the Ray-Ban tent. The sound levels were way above my normal threshold but I stuck with it as one of our group had volunteered for a free haircut!

The barbers menu was quite short – somethings along the lines of: Quick Tidy, All Off, Mohican and Barber’s Choice – Madeline, being nuts, ;), chose “Barber’s Choice” and we all stood around watching while she underwent the efforts of a well disguised, professional hair dresser putting on a flamboyant display for the onlookers. She ended up with a few minor tweaks  and a lot of red and glitter spray.

Yours truly was cajoled into joining he queue and bottled it by requesting  a “Quick Tidy”. All was going very smoothly until the end when I too was subjected to the colour and glitter sprays. Goodness only knows what I looked like for the rest of the evening, thankfully I didn’t have to look at it, and the telescope viewing public didn’t seem to care! The good news was that the colour washed out really easily when I got home!

Add this to the “Staring Contest” that I also got dragged into and you’ll understand that this was not a normal night for me.

The end result though was very satisfying. I got a free haircut, won the Staring Contest and picked up a pile of Ray-Ban goodies for my efforts  -thanks guys!

Just Another Weekend

Bestival! – it’s that time of year again and, for the third time, Vectis Astronomical Society were asked to provide telescopes at the Bestival.

Thursday and Friday were very cloudy but, nonetheless, we attracted quite a few interested persons to take a look at our ‘scopes even though the were only directed at cranes and ferris wheels. Saturday was almost perfecto clear though and we had almost flawless vies of the moon.

The 12′ dob attracted visitors and, along with the 10’ Orion allowed visitors good views. There were loads of “oh my god” moments and the smiles on observers faces made it all worth the dust and general hubbub.

I like to think we added something to the Bestival experience for the c 800 people who came to see us over he weekend and hope they all enjoyed their stay on the Island.

Light pollution is always a problem a big events like this and despite the efforts of the organisers, the energy efficient bulbs and the use of fewer large floodlights on the site didn’t really help the overall impact in the Island’s skies. The site is huge and really needs some followup work from us to reduce the effect next time.



Watching the BBC programme “The Genius of Invention” at the moment and, slightly distracted by Fox Talbot and his connection with the Wiltshire village of Lacock, I  decided to Google “Lacock“.

I have to declare something of an interest as I know my mother worked at nearby Stonar School some years before I was born, and that her father, my grandfather, was involved in a project there to collate FTs letters.

Having satisfied the FT connection to Lacock, I was amazed to see nothing on the  “Lacock” Wikipedia page about the Folk Festival back in the 1970s. As those years were an important part of my youth and attendance of the festival was almost obligatory, to say I was disappointed was something of an understatement.

I am fully aware that the Festival was rather stolen by Chippenham but I am amazed that the “public facing” history of the village is so poorly reported on Wikipedia.

Oh well, I suppose I’ll have to dig out my old photos and edit the entry myself…. if you can help with pics or anecdotes I’d be very happy to hear from you…

Those were happy days indeed……..

Newport (IW) Golf Club

Had a round at Newport Golf Club this week.

Along with the other PIGS (Pointer Inn Golf Society) and guys from the Traveller’s Joy and Salvatore’s, we took a chance with the weather and had a knock about competition between the three pubs.

As it turned out we didn’t get too wet and thoroughly enjoyed the day. After a warm welcome in the clubhouse we ventured out on to a damp but well tended course. As Newport was one of the two Island courses I hadn’t played, I didn’t really know what to expect. I needn’t have been worried though as, despite being on winter greens for just about all of the holes, the course was in great condition and a credit to all involved.

To make things even better I shot a round of 39 points!