Is it just me…..


Yesterday was mad:

  • A man was jailed for having a crash in his truck
  • A man was jailed for flushing somebody’s heroin down the loo
  • Captains of two nuclear submarines went unpunished for bumping into eachother
  • Tony Blair was given $1 million for being a great leader

I think I’ll get my coat……

Island Eyesores?


There is a lot of noise being made about the proposed windfarm at Cheverton Down. The main complaint seems to be about the visual impact on the area, but to my engineering eye, wind turbines look rather pleasing.

They certainly appeal rather more than this:


In all its glory this is the latest Red Funnel paint job as seen in Cowes and Southampton.

A quick play with an image editor gave me this:


Which is still ugly but, IMO, not half as bad as the real thing!

More bloody tax!


Click on the logo to visit, they have 5 basic demands of our government:

  1. To stop plans to increase beer tax by up to a third
  2. To enforce existing laws – not create new ones – to deal firmly with irresponsible drinkers and premises
  3. To end the irresponsible promotion of alcohol in supermarkets, pubs and elsewhere
  4. To trust responsible adults to make informed choices about what they drink, not punish them for the actions of an irresponsible minority
  5. To support the British pub as a vital part of social life in local communities.