In the wrong business…

Today the BBC is reporting that MPs will be eligible for £10,000 each which they can spend to develop websites to boost “public understanding” of parliament – Full report.

Well listen up guys; we already do understand it and we’re not that impressed!

Search UK Google for “How parliament works” and you get about 16,200 hits. First on the list is UK Parliament – How Parliament Works and surprise, surprise it explains how the system works!

The second Google hit is an Amazon advert for a book on the subject and the third is an advert for a training course to learn all about it for £485!

A fair way down the first page, bottom in fact, is a link to one Liberal Democrat’s website – Roger Williams and there he explains things, with the aid of pictures, rather better than the first hit.

I suggest taxpayers insist all that is required is one central “portal”, well advertised and connecting to a page for each MP to blow his/her own trumpet. After all there are only 646 of them and I am sure that one 650ish page site would be a lot cheaper than a potential bill for almost £6.5 Million!

Tell you what, I’ll host it for £100,000 pounds per year!

Email me at for details 😉

Inkjet vs Laser

Why anyone would use an inkjet printer for anything other than the odd colour print is beyond me as, these days, a laser:

  • Is almost as cheap to buy, particularly for B&W
  • Is much cheaper to run
  • Is usually quieter
  • Is much faster
  • Will last longer
  • Uses about the same desk space
  • Is better made
  • Produces dry prints
  • Usually has a paper bin

Even those who insist on colour printing should investigate the current crop of laser options – the price seems to drop daily and a perfectly good device can be bought for about £160, even on the High Street dealer’s web sites.