Greg Lake – 10 Nov 1947 – 7 Dec 2016

As I said on March 11 this year., “There’s hardly a week goes by these days without a part creator of my music library leaving us”; well here we go again… this time it’s Greg Lake who, yesterday, lost his fight with cancer.

I’m pretty sure most people reading this realise that Greg found fame in King Crimson and went on to form ELP with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer.

Greg Lake

For anyone who’s never heard Greg’s voice or guitar playing, I recommend starting with “Lucky Man“, “C’est La Vie“, “Take a Pebble” or my favourite of all “From the Beginning” although I guess, at this time of year, I should also include “I Believe in Father Christmas“.

Again, gone but not forgotten, thanks Greg.

Welcome 2015! – with a new theme…

It’s 2015 – Happy New Year! and yes, it’s another change of look for this blog.

The previous theme, Hemmingway, which was only adopted in June 2014, looked pretty good at first but I have realised it didn’t really fit. After a little help from Noupe, I stumbled on this one. It’s called GeneratePress and it looks much better to me – read the reviews and I think you’ll see why.

I had the basics set up in about 30 minutes and then decided to pay $30 for the full version which allows a lot more custom options than you’d find in most other themes, and it’s very easy to understand what’s happening (not always the case). There’s also a good website which guides you through all the options.

No doubt I’ll be playing with settings for a while before I get it to look just right but, for now, what’s there is good enough to start a new year…


Sue and I recently visited Iceland for a short break. Here are some of the photos I took – pictures are in a gallery so, click on the picture then click the RHS to advance, and the LHS to go back.

All the city pictures are Reykjavik and the others show the country when we ventured a bit further afield – I haven’t yet sorted them further but I think they give a taste of the place.

Oh.. and BTW is doesn’t work properly with Internet Explorer 9 but then you are using something better than that aren’t you?

You are welcome to use any of the pictures shown here but please include the following credit if you publish them:

“Photo(s) courtesy of Brian Curd –”

[foldergallery folder=”wp-content/uploads/iceland2013″ title=”Iceland 2013″ thumbnails=single]