Newport (IW) Golf Club

Had a round at Newport Golf Club this week.

Along with the other PIGS (Pointer Inn Golf Society) and guys from the Traveller’s Joy and Salvatore’s, we took a chance with the weather and had a knock about competition between the three pubs.

As it turned out we didn’t get too wet and thoroughly enjoyed the day. After a warm welcome in the clubhouse we ventured out on to a damp but well tended course. As Newport was one of the two Island courses I hadn’t played, I didn’t really know what to expect. I needn’t have been worried though as, despite being on winter greens for just about all of the holes, the course was in great condition and a credit to all involved.

To make things even better I shot a round of 39 points!

It’s a funny old game…

Earlier this week I got back from our annual French golf tour. We played four courses in the Caen area:

  • Golf de Omaha Beach Le Mer
  • Golf de Omaha Beach Le Manoir
  • Golf de Cabourg Le Home
  • Golf de Caen Le Vallone

Rating them, in order of personal preference:

  1. Golf de Omaha Beach Le Manoir
  2. Golf de Omaha Beach Le Mer
  3. Golf de Cabourg Le Home
  4. Golf de Caen Le Vallone

For a change, I managed to play them all reasonably well and Le Manoir well beyond my expectations (38 points). Overall, I shared the top place for the challenge with Paul Hawkins and it seems like my game is beginning to show signs of improvement

As usual we had a great trip, in no small part due to Pete Rush’s meticulous organization, thanks Pete!

We’d better start saving for next time

The big freeze…

All safe and well but pretty much stuck indoors here on the Island where we have another coating of snow.

Despite global warming or perhaps because of it (!), for the third time in 12 months we can’t easily get out of the house. I’m pretty sure the main roads are all passable but as we have a fair slope at each end of our road, getting back in is a problem for us.

No golf yesterday so the rest of the club members escaped the sight of our group playing our 3 club competition wearing stupid hats. No doubt a blessing for some!

It’s snowing again right now but only very small flakes. Here’s hoping that it all stops before too long and that the Sunday Pub Quiz is accessible this evening…..

2010 St Malo Golf Tour

Dinard Golf Course

Well there it is, finished! After about 9 months anticipation, this year’s golf tour is over.

It all started last Thursday when eight of us left the Island for Portsmouth and then caught the overnight Brittany Ferry to St Malo. Arriving at about 9.30 we headed straight of to the first of our 4 golf courses:

  • Friday 27/8/2010. Val Andre 10.54/11.03 am.
  • Saturday 28/8/2010. St Malo 10.58/11.06 am.
  • Sunday 29/98/2010 Des Ormes 10.40/10.48 am.
  • Monday 30/8/2010 Dinard 11.00/11.10

Unfortunately some of the links are to hotel and holiday booking sites as a few clubs don’t seem to have their own websites but I’m sure you’ll get the picture.

All four courses were excellent in their own ways; my favourite, although I didn’t play it well, was Dinard with Val Andre and Des Ormes second and St Malo third but only because the greens were hollow tined there.

Congratulations to Hawky for winning the weekend’s competition and to the Prof for being the golfer “most likely to improve” ;). The less said about my performance the better I think……..

A good time was had by all, now I just need a week off to get over the beer and the overeating….

Many thanks to Pete for organizing it all to the Prof and Dougie for taking their cars over and Pete and Dave for helping out with the driving.