Welcome 2015! – with a new theme…

It’s 2015 – Happy New Year! and yes, it’s another change of look for this blog.

The previous theme, Hemmingway, which was only adopted in June 2014, looked pretty good at first but I have realised it didn’t really fit. After a little help from Noupe, I stumbled on this one. It’s called GeneratePress and it looks much better to me – read the reviews and I think you’ll see why.

I had the basics set up in about 30 minutes and then decided to pay $30 for the full version which allows a lot more custom options than you’d find in most other themes, and it’s very easy to understand what’s happening (not always the case). There’s also a good website which guides you through all the options.

No doubt I’ll be playing with settings for a while before I get it to look just right but, for now, what’s there is good enough to start a new year…

All Change!

I thought that after about 5 years with one theme, I’d better drag this blog kicking and screaming into the 21st century 😉

Quadruple Blue served me well (although I did make quite a few tweaks to it) and in some ways I am reluctant to change but this new one (Hemmingway) looks promising. The theme author, Anders Norén has made this and three other themes free at his website.

Anyhow, I’ll no doubt be tweeking this a little over the next few months but if you see anything strange happening, please don’t be shy in telling me about it.

15Gb of free on-line storage?


There are lots of companies offering on-line storage these days and a lot offer some free space.

I’ve had a Dropbox (4Gb or so) account for a long time and use it every day, but recently I needed more space for some automatically collected data files. To avoid overloading that account, I decided to give copy.com a try.

They offer 15Gb of free space and that is more than enough for the new project, so I signed up. After 2 months of continued use, the service has never been unavailable and is fast and easy to use.

Like Dropbox, copy.com allows me to access the stored data from any device I have, in fact it provides apps for a couple I don’t use: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Windows Phone. 

Less Speed :-(

Here they go again…..

My BT broadband speed seems to have settled at 2,720Mb/s over the last few days. It seems that BT are playing games again….

When I phoned them today to ask what was going on they promptly offered to reduce my monthly payments…. took me almost 2 seconds to accept!