Latest WordPress

I upgraded to WordPress 2.1.3 on April 3rd and, so far, all is good. The main thing I have noticed is the lack of attempted comment spam posting.
Over there in the right hand toolbar is a little Akismet counter, it’s been sitting on the same number (1064) since the day I upgraded – seems like security has been tightened nicely and the idiot spammers have moved off to other targets. Great news as I was seeing about 20 a day with the old version.

Joost Invites

I mentioned Joost a while ago and have been playing with it, on and off, since.
The whole thing has been rather secretive since its beta testing launch with only a select few being allowed to view. Well now, I have FIVE FOUR THREE TWO invites to give away.
Just leave a comment on this post if you would like one – no cash charge, just buy me a pint next time we meet 😉

Sorry, but invites are now reserved for those I know.
No hard feelings to visitors I hope.

Update II
OK guys – here’s the deal. I have two invites held in reserve for people I know. If they don’t want them; and I’ll know by the end of next week, then they will go to Garry and Caige (see comments).


In yesterday’s post I reported that I’d just upgraded to the latest and greatest version of WordPress.

Well, that was yesterday. Today there is yet another version available, this time it’s 2.1.3, so I went through the routine again…..

New Look

Well that’s it then. I’ve upgraded the site to the latest version of WordPress and decided to use a new theme.

I think it looks neater but we’ll see how things go as I try to add new bits and pieces….