Saunton Sands

What a great day! Graham Laing (NW Golf Club Pro) and me had our Lombard Trophy game at Saunton Sands Golf Club. Regular readers will remember that I managed to win a medal event at NW and part of the prize was today’s event.

I have never played a links golf course and have to admit I was a little wary, particularly after being told that the best way to practise putting for Saunton was try it on a laminate wooden floor! I needn’t have worried, the course was superb, in fact probably the best one I have ever played, I now understand why people love links golf.

Anyhow I suppose I’d better disclose the result….

As far as I know (late Thursday night) the winners came in 6 under par, unfortunately that wasn’t us, we managed a creditable 2 under and our playing partners, the team from Filton, managed level par. The best bit though, was the fact that I came in on 6 holes and really feel like I played my part.

Many thanks to the people at Lombard and RBS for organising such a great day and the members and staff at Saunton Sands Golf Club for making us all feel so very welcome.

No more punctures?

I don’t really know why this hasn’t been more widely advertised. – if it was I missed it!

It seems so obvious now I’ve seen it and it must be quite a cost saver for the motor manufacturers. Quite what the replacement tyre companies will make of it I don’t know and I suspect the alloy wheel people will put up a bit of a fight.

There’s a neat little video clip of the Tweel in action here.

Aaaah… a week off.

I’m really looking forward to the next week.
Some weeks ago I was lucky/skillful enough to win a place in the playoffs in the Lombard trophy at Saunton Sands Golf Club. Well, that playoff is next Thursday so Graham Laing (North Wilts Golf Club professional) and me will wend our way down to Devon for the day. Should we win, the prize is a final match in Portugal!
Following that Sue and I will be spending a couple of days in London, the main reason for going is to see Laurie Anderson in concert at the Barbican
I’ve been a great fan of her work for a very long time but have never quite managed to get to see her live so I’m really looking forward to it.
As for the remaining days, well, I suspect there will be a fair bit more golf and I guess there will have to be a continued effort to get this house tidy!