Many years ago I heard a little trailer on Radio 4 for a new SciFi comedy programme called the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – I listened to the first episode and was forever hooked.

After hearing all the radio programmes, reading (and re-reading) all the books and then playing the Infocom, text based, adventure game, I was rather concerned at the the eventual announcement of a TV series. As it turned out I needn’t have worried too much. The characters were fairly well crafted and the story was more or less true to the original, in fact I don’t think anything about the show spoiled the character pictures I had built from the radio and the books.

Recently I heard there was going to be a “blockbuster” film; now I really was worried, as never, in all my 49 years, have I seen a film which was better than the book on which it was based.

Anyhow, Sue and I went to see it on Thurday evening and I am pleased to say that we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Like the TV series, the plot was pretty much retained, the characters were good (although I’m still not sure about Zaphod and Ford). At first I was not sure about Marvin, he looked a bit too toy like and his head was far too big, strangely the film included a shot with the TV Marvin which I thought was a bit more like the robot I had imagined. However as the film went on, I got to like this new version.

All in all a success and to be recommended.

Stupid Game!

Friday was good…… Sunday was bl**dy awful.

How is it possible to score 36 points in one stableford competition (off 3/4 handicap) and then score just 14, yes 14, in the next? today was a complete disaster. I actually hit about two good shots in the entire game, the rest, well, let’s just say they were not good!

Still, it was a lovely day and I’m sure some silly sod was indoors grouting a bathroom somewhere while I was out in the fresh air in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside having a laugh. 😉

Next time eh?

Thanks Garan

I notice that Garan has included my RSS feed on his site.

Thanks mate, it seems to all work OK.

Once I understand things this end I’ll do the same for yours.

Good golf day on Friday

Shot 89 on Friday which I was pretty pleased with after a couple of useless weeks. That was good enough to win the weekly swindle so I walked away with £18.00.

After a busy day on household stuff, painting and cutting grass etc. , then installing this new Blog, I’m just hoping this sudden hot spell of weather doesn’t mean a downpour tomorrow. I really need some practice before the visit to Saunton Sands in May.